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This Project includes development of Driver Door Module, Side view Mirror control and Smart Seat Control with driver personal settings store and retrieve features. Smart seat ECU is connected via CAN and implements CAN based Boot loader and UDS services. Side view mirror is controlled via LIN network protocol.
Telematics unit with minimum features required for value markets. IVMS (See the project in the list) acts as gateway unit as well as vehicle data recorder that sends the data to driver information systems for display purpose as well as to the low cost Telematics unit. Then the Telematics unit communicates the information to the dealers and also to the customers/operators (who manages the fleet). with Fleet Management services running on AWS
Objective is to develop a system for predicting different types of common faults before they occur and adapt the maintenance intervals to the actual operating conditions of the given vehicle
Automated Irrigation systems currently supplying water to many villages in AP state of INDIA. This project aims at reducing the water wastage and ensuring the optimal uptime of whole irrigation system using sensors and actuators, data analysis.
IMX6 based Instrument cluster designed using QT with Yocto Linux
This project aims at providing Digital maps based on camera data collected in confined area and fusing this data with GPS. This solution is used for SLAM of Autonomous electric vehicle. This project uses Nvidia Tegra K1 for implementing the algorithms and computer vision software.
This project uses SRR with 77Ghz to detect the objects around the vehicle where there is poor visibility.
This project is developed on IMX6 based prototype hardware with custom android apps implemented using Java Native Interfaces for automotive features implemented on Lower layer (Linux) of Adroid stack.